Product  Isolspace style
Thickness 45 mm
Flame resistance Euroclass B-s2,d0
Acoustic absorption αw = 0,8
Volatile organic compound emission  VOC A+
Col 3

Installation with frame

Col 3

Installation with velcro

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Island ceiling installation

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Baffle installation

Style’s versatility is also reflected in its installation methods, all of which are characterized by extreme simplicity that makes each installation noninvasive and respectful of the activities taking place in the environments. Installing Isolspace Style requires no structural or demolition work and can be done in just a few steps. The choice must be made on the basis of the area available within the space that requires acoustic correction. The panel size, expected acoustic result and aesthetic appearance also play an important role.



Velcro Style with an adhesive side that allows the panel to be removed and repositioned.

Frame Style in aluminum for wall-mounting the panel, which becomes a genuine ‘acoustic picture’. Available in satin silver and matte black.

Gypsum-based glue to create a permanent bond between the substrate and the panel. The panel cannot be repositioned.

Baffle installation involves hanging the Isolmant Isolspace Style panel from the ceiling vertically, perpendicular to the ceiling, using the baffle hanging kit, supplied already mounted on the panel (additional, upon request).

To connect the cable to the ceiling, a steel ceiling mount is available (dowel not included).


Island installation involves suspending the Isolmant Isolspace Style panel from the ceiling, horizontally, parallel or at an angle to the ceiling using the island hanging kit. The number of kits (additional, upon request) per panel depends on the panel size and is not supplied already mounted on the panel.

To connect the cable to the ceiling, a steel ceiling mount is available (dowel not included).

Installation products:

  • Baffle hanging kit
  • Island hanging kit
  • Ceiling mounts