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Isolspace embraces the Isolmant Green Planet protocol

Green Planet is Isolmant and Isolspace’s sustainable development protocol, which encompasses all the commitments made to increase our process, environmental, social and corporate responsibility.

It is a set of sustainable actions, goals and behaviors that are central to our mission, in keeping with our ethics and the points outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

A vision of a future built through the actions of the present. A road that we have traveled for years and that we follow day after day with a greater sense of responsibility, coupled with an awareness that the journey is as important as the destination

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Our products    

ISOLFIBTEC fiber, the sustainable heart of Isolspace, completely nontoxic and hypoallergenic, obtained from recycled PET

ISOLFIBTEC fiber is a special recycled polyester technical textile fiber with increasing density along its thickness. It is commonly used in living spaces since it is completely nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It is a water-repellent fiber that does not promote the accumulation of dust or mites and can be handled without any protection.

The entire Isolspace range has a low environmental impact since ISOLFIBTEC fiber is obtained from recycled post- and pre-consumer material. This is why Style, in all its variants, Sky, Industry and Skin meet the requirements of the CAM for the percentage of recyclate in construction.



Isolspace promotes healthy air in indoor spaces 

Solutions in the Isolspace range are VOC A+ certified: this means they can be safely installed exposed in any environment (such as schools, restaurants, gyms, offices and home settings) since they do not release harmful volatile substances. A guarantee of healthfulness for the spaces we inhabit and the air we breathe. 

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