Isolspace sposa il protocollo Isolmant Green Planet

Green Planet is the sustainable development protocol of Isolmant and Isolspace, which encompasses all the commitments made to increase our process, environmental, social and corporate responsibility.

A set of actions, objectives and sustainable behaviors fundamental to our mission, in line with our ethics and with the points expressed by the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

A look at a future that is built with the actions of the present. A path that we have undertaken for years and that we follow day after day with greater responsibility, and with the awareness that the journey is as important as the destination.

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The materials used for Isolspace solutions have morphological characteristics that have been specially designed to achieve high sound-absorbing performance, while maintaining low thickness and low weight.
The heart of the Isolspace range is ISOLFIBTEC STL fiber, a polyester fiber obtained from recycled PET that is made with a special density variation throughout the thickness.

Different fiber compaction is directly achieved during the production process, without changing the diameter of the fiber itself and without adding any other material. This results in a panel with superior absorption properties across all frequencies compared to a similar panel with consistent density, providing a significant improvement particularly at higher frequencies, which are especially important for the
human voice.


ISOLFIBTEC STL fiber is totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic: it can therefore be visibly applied to any space. It is a water-repellent fiber that does not promote the accumulation of dust, mites and moisture and can be handled without any protection.
The panel is thermally bonded and has no phenolic or formaldehyde binders in its composition.

Did you know? One Isolspace acoustic panel contains 28 recycled plastic bottles!











Isolspace pays attention to the healthiness of the air in indoor spaces

The solutions in the Isolspace range are VOC A+ certified: this means that they can easily be laid exposed in any environment (such as schools, restaurants, gyms, offices and domestic environments) because they do not release harmful volatile substances. A guarantee of healthiness for the spaces we live in and for the air we breathe.

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