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The Isolmant Forest

A five-year commitment to plnat at least 1.000 trees and offset up to 360.000 kg of CO2

Isolmant and Isolspace care about people’s well-being, health and need to feel comfortable in a healthy, protected environment: this is why the solutions we offer are based on a manufacturing approach that views sustainability as an essential value.

This led to the Isolmant Forest project, a component of the Isolmant Green Planet sustainable development protocol. The project was launched in collaboration with Treedom: Isolmant Forest is a part of our daily commitment to the sustainable goals of the future. All our team are passionate about this project.

Every tree in our forest is like an idea:
a planted speed that sprouts fruitfully and, as it expands, creates change in its encounter with other sprouts. 

Seed by seed, we are committed to advancing our idea of the future with the passion, care and professionalism that define us every day.

Visit the Isolmant Forest
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