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“Always supporting construction industry professionals, ensuring the well-being of building occupants.”

Isolmant has been operating in the acoustic insulation industry since 1976. Throughout these years, the company has always had a strong and significant presence on the market, focusing on innovative products and construction systems. Isolmant has always been synonymous with quality thanks to the passion, professionalism and determination of employees who, through their hard work, have strengthened the company’s value over the years.

From its foundation to the present day, the company has successfully differentiated and diversified its range through the introduction of major industry innovations in terms of both product technology and application systems.

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A great sensitivity to comfort and well-being, coupled with a ‘living’ concept that extends beyond the home to all the spaces that we inhabit every day, led to the development of isolspace, which is more than just a product range: it is a complete philosophy that combines acoustic comfort and design in unique objects.