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Isolspace  Industry  is specially developed in sizes and thicknesses suitable for acoustic correction of very large and noisy rooms, such as industrial environments, for which design models are applied that differ from those used for small rooms. In these situations, baffle systems are the most widely used, mainly due to their flexible installation: they can also be adapted to ceilings with pipes or ducts running through them and they can be installed if necessary only in circumscribed areas, such as above a particularly noisy system, so as to locally reduce the sound field and create a less noisy area within large spaces. Using suspended panels, which are ‘free’ from the room’s surfaces, also has the advantage of providing a larger absorbent surface area.

Isolspace Industry is a product specially developed in sizes and thicknesses for acoustic correction of very noisy environments. It is particularly suitable for industrial settings, including semi-diffuse or non-diffuse sound field situations, where sound correction is mainly achieved on the ceiling using baffles.


Isolspace  Industry is a panel composed of ISOLFIBTEC STR (recycled fiber thermally bonded into polyester technical textile), which is suitably calibrated to provide high sound absorption performance in large and industrial environments.ù

Industry is certified for flame resistance in EuroClass B-s2, d0, and can therefore be applied in any room in accordance with the specific technical fire prevention regulations.

ISOLFIBTEC fiber is commonly used for household purposes since it is totally nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It is water-repellent, does not promote the accumulation of dust or mites and can be handled without any protection. The panel is thermally bonded and has no phenolic or formaldehyde binders in its composition.

is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material: ISOLFIBTEC STL fiber is obtained by recycling pre- and post-consumer material. 






Fields of Application

Isolspace Industry is suitable for acoustic correction of:

- Industrial environments with noisy machines in order to locally attenuate the sound field of the machine itself relative to the operator’s location;

- Large industrial or commercial spaces, which generally have large reflective surfaces and where it is desirable to have an optimal sound field in the area where people are stationed;

- Large and noisy areas, such as large hangars or warehouses in which goods are stored, to prevent locally produced noise from spreading to surrounding areas.


Isolspace Industry panels are designed in shapes, sizes and thicknesses that provide high sound absorption in a suspended configuration to reduce diffraction effects at the edges. The available size and thicknesses (up to 8 cm) ensure sound absorption even at lower frequencies. Upon request, the product is supplied with a special steel cable, already assembled, for vertical suspension.

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The following sizes are available:

  • 100 x 140 cm
  • 50 x 140 cm
  • 100 x 70 cm


The following finishes are available:

  • Anthracite
  • Ice

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