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Noise unquestionably has a negative impact on quality of life. Today there is evidence from various scientific studies that excessive noise pollution can cause health damage, both to an individual’s general state and to the auditory system in particular. There are many everyday situations that require acoustic correction. These are spaces where there is a problem with reverberation, which is the echo effect within a room that causes amplification of perceived noise and makes speech less intelligible.

Acoustic correction addresses this phenomenon through the use of sound-absorbing products, which absorb sound waves and prevent them from spreading inside the room.

Style is Isolmant’s acoustic correction panel, which can be used in any type of environment thanks to its high sound-absorbing characteristics, its total non-toxicity, and its extensive range of customizations.

Applied exposed, it permits the absorption of sound waves within particularly reverberant rooms. It is a panel composed of 100% ISOLFIBTEC STL, a special recycled fiber made of long increasing density polyester technical textile.


Style has a high sound absorption coefficient thanks to its special ‘differentiated density’ thickness.

ISOLFIBTEC STL fiber is commonly used for household purposes since it is totally nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It is a water-repellent fiber that does not promote the accumulation of dust or mites and can be handled without any protection. The panel is thermally bonded and has no phenolic or formaldehyde binders in its composition.

Style, in a solid color or printed, is certified for flame resistance in EuroClass B-s2, d0, and can therefore be applied in any room in accordance with the specific technical fire prevention regulations.

Style can be requested in black or white, produced in bulk, or customized on the visible surface with prints, photos and solid colors. Standard sizes are rectangular or circular in shape, but different geometric shapes and forms with curved profiles can be made upon request. The ability to customize colors and shapes allows it to be integrated into any type of environment, making it a pleasing furnishing element.

Style is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material: ISOLFIBTEC STL fiber is obtained by recycling pre- and post-consumer material. 


Style Black&White

Style Black&White
The panel in its original form in the traditional white color or in the more innovative black color. The black fiber is characterized by its special elegance and sophistication. Its aesthetic value is partly due to its ability to conceal signs of aging and to solve problems associated with the presence of dust in rooms.

Style Original

Style Original
The only inimitable sound correction panel that offers a virtually infinite range of customization options. The panels can be customized in terms of size, shape, fiber color and surface finish. This almost unique versatility makes it possible to create the right panel for the needs of any type of space that requires acoustic correction with specific aesthetic criteria.

Style Pantone

Style Pantone®
The endless range of Pantone® colors to give a unique style to your walls. Always fashionable and trendy, solid-color printing uniquely complements spaces, allowing them to be redesigned in more neutral or completely unconventional tones, thereby giving a new personality to all indoor spaces.


There are many rooms that require acoustic correction due to their architectural layout or intended use. In each situation, Isolmant intervenes by analyzing the existing situation, calculating reverberation times and proposing a customized and effective solution.

Style is suitable for acoustic correction in any type of environment, public, professional or private: classrooms, kindergartens, canteens, restaurants, gyms, recording rooms, offices, stores, conference rooms and churches…

Its versatility permits excellent results both from the point of view of correcting reverberation and from an aesthetic standpoint.

Isolspace Style Banner

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