Noise is undoubtedly an element that affects the quality of life. To date, several scientific studies have shown that being exposed to excessive noise can cause damage to the health and in particular to the general condition of the auditory system.

We spend most of our time indoor as offices, houses, schools, restaurants or gyms and if those environments are not acoustically adequate, we risk the consequences of this conditions in terms of reduced comfort or even disturbance.

Acoustic correction utilizes sound absorbing materials in order to absorb sound waves and prevent their propagation inside the environment.

Style is the panel for acoustic correction by Isolmant, able to integrate to every environment thanks to its high soundproofing features, non-toxicity and wide range of customizations.


Style has a high coefficient of acoustic absorption, thanks to its thickness with differentiated density along the thickness that has been designed by the Isolmant R&D department to improve the acoustic qualities.

ISOLFIBTEC STL is completely non-toxic and non-allergenic, then it can be applied in any environment. It is a water-repellent fibre, which does not favour the accumulation of dust, mites and humidity. It is totally handleable without any protection. The panel is thermo- bonded without any formaldehyde or phenolic binders.

Style, in all its versions, is certified for reaction to fire class 1, EUROCLASS B-S2, d0. The tests carried out certify that isolspace style is a combustible non-flammable material, and therefore it can be applied in any space, according to the provisions for fire prevention techniques.

Style can be requested in white or black, produced in bulk, or customized on the visible surface with prints, photos or solid colors.
The standard sizes are rectangular or circular, on request different geometric shapes and shapes with curved profiles can also be made.

Isolspace style is a sustainable material with a low environmental impact: the fibre ISOLFIBTEC STL is produced totally by recycling post-consumption material.


Style Black&White
The panel in its original conformation in the traditional white color or in the most innovative black color. The black fiber is characterized by a particular elegance and refinement. Its aesthetic value is also linked to the ability to hide the signs of aging and the possibility of solving the problems raise from the presence of dust in the rooms.

Style Original
The inimitable panel for acoustic correction that offers an almost endless range of customizations. The panels can be customized in size, shape, fiber color and surface finish. This almost unique versatility makes it possible to shape a panel suitable to the needs of any type of space.

Style Collection
The new “style collecion” gallery features finishes that shape a real fashion collection that allows to choose printed panel with a prompt delivery and always up with the newest design trends on the market.


Many are the environments that, because of their architectonical conformation or intended use, need acoustic correction.

Isolspace products are conceived for the acoustic correction in any type of environment, public, professional or private: classrooms, kindergartens, canteens, gyms, restaurants, offices or even churches.

Its versatility allows to obtain excellent results both from the acoustic correction and from the aesthetic point of view.



Baffle installation (video)

Adhesion installation with Velcro (video)