“Always at the side of those who work in the world of construction, for the well-being of those who live there.”

Isolmant has been working in the field of acoustic insulation since 1976. Over the years, Isolmant has always played a strong and important role, in terms of product innovation and construction systems. Isolmant has always been synonymous with quality, thanks to the passion, professionalism and determination of the people who, through their work, have built the value of the company over the years.

Since the establishment, Isolmant has differentiated and segmented its ranges of products, introducing real innovations into the sector in terms of both product technology and application systems.

The range for the building industry meets all the requirements of the new building systems in the field of acoustic insulation, with particular reference to the “flooring system”, which offers packages and certified solutions for underfloor and underfloor acoustic insulation.

Leader in the field of insulation of horizontal partitions, Isolmant also offers products for wall insulation, both for new construction and for renovation.

Thanks to Isolmant focus on comfort and well-being at home, it was conceived Isolspace. That is not just a simple range of products but a true global approach that combines in single products the response to the needs of acoustic comfort and design.